SchwartzReport: Worst Bee Die-Off in 40 Years — Meanwhile, US Poor Make $2.13 versus Koch Brothers $3 Million an Hour

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schwartz reportTwo readers, one a beekeeper reader sent me this, the beekeeper saying he had lost over half his hives this year. I found it very depressing. All of this is the result of a few corporations I do not hesitate to call evil. If the bees go, the human race may not be far behind. Yet our government just dithers, our politicians too corrupt to see that this is going to affect them as much as anyone else.

I implore you to plant bee friendly plants in your gardens, and to refrain from using poisons like RoundUp on your lawn. One of every three bites of food that goes into your mouth, and the mouths of your children is dependent on bees, and other winged pollinators.

Worst Bee Die-off in 40 Years
LISA ARCHER – Friends of the Earth

This is America today. City on a shining hill? I don't think so. Unless it is a tiny rich village on the hill, and a world of barrios beneath it.

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