Worth a Look: Public Call for Wall Street Sales Tax

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There is now a petition for a Wall Street Sales Tax online at: http://wh.gov/ARGi

The petition was initiated by the United Front Against Austerity.  It has started off strong, and we want to keep the momentum building, so the more it’s shared, the better.  Thank you!

We’ve got until April 10 to get 100,000 signatures. Twitter people, can you put this in front of people like Robert Reich, Dean Baker and others to ask them to mobilize their networks?

Getting an official White House response would be huge, but this is also a way to push the concept in front of more people.


Phi Beta Iota:  Wall Street transactions (both stock and currency) are among the most numerous in the economy, and they are tax free.  The Tobin Tax and the Automated Payment Transaction Tax both call for the widening of the economic revenue “pie” beyond income taxes — indeed, an honest Congress and an honest Executive could eliminate all income taxes by applying either of these taxes (a fraction of a penny) across the economy starting with the financial transactions — including the shadow banks (hedge funds) — that are now completely outside the revenue stream.  The FACT that the US Government has been BORROWING $1 trillion a year since 1980 in order to fund BOTH a grossly over-extended entitlements program and a grossly under-performing national security corporate welfare program, should be — but is not — a major public grievance.

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