Dolphin: Intelligent Life on West Coast — Citizen Comment Slays Corporate Media

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Noticed today as comment on Boston bombings: Social media spirals out of control

GlassKeys at 6:02 AM April 20, 2013 Perhaps this is a giant blinking neon sign that says “we longer trust corporate news”.You have all done such a bang up job: A) Exposing the lies that led us to the Gulf War B) Holding government officials' feet to the fire when torture becomes official policy. C) Ignoring the “Occupy” movement for months until it was impossible to do so, then failing to report why no bankers go to jail for defrauding the public. D) Totally failing to hold President Obama accountible for extending the Patriot Act, not closing Guantanamo, using signing statements when he promised not to. IE all campain promises he has broken . E) Ignoring massive abuses of civil liberties and wastes of money by the TSA and the DHS. F) Ignoring the politicians that back increasing H1B visas, whilst millions are still unemployed.I could go on, but you have to cover important news like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga's new meat dress.

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