Jim Dean: Could It Be? Osama Bin Laden’s Son (and Jihad Heir) in USA on a Presidential Over-Ride?

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Jim W. Dean
Jim W. Dean

Update 12:55 pm: We have new information that Al-Harbi could not have been back doored into the US without presidential authority. Bypassing a 3-B terrorist watch status is not something an ICE supervisor could have initialed through. We know someone who sponsored an East European nursing student for a visa. The cost? Posting a $1 million bond.

The Bush family has had long and intimate business dealings with the bin Laden family. They bailed George W. out of his short stint in the oil business. They came in to buy out Harken Energy, where it’s subsequent demise went on the bin Laden family tab and was technically off George W’s future presidential resume. Left unresolved was a $50,000 loan to GW which was never repaid, nor reported as income as a forgive loan.

Al-Harbi bin Laden
Al-Harbi bin Laden

How could Bush have done this back then? Easy…a few lines written into a house budget bill could have said any member of the bin Laden family was granted automatic visa status per presidential request, and approved by Congress via hiding the lines in a big bill.

Yes, folks…this kind of stuff is done whenever they want to. That’s why up and coming hustlers want to join the ranks. There is a lot more to this. We will keep posting. Jim Dean.

Oh, no…don’t say I tricked you with the title. This is a news bomb if there ever was one. The Saudi national that Glenn Beck has been making a big fuss over is…Osama bin Laden’s son, Al-Harbi.

But this is just for openers. His nick name is the Crown Prince of Terror, and has been reported to have vowed revenge on the US for killing his father. While we don’t have confirmation of his nickname and threat, we do know he has 3-B status…terrorist.

Yeah…it kind of upset my morning, too. Dear folks, this is what we get when we have a system of government where 90% of what they classify is for no other reason than to hide from us what they know we would have them hanging from light poles if we knew they were doing.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, they want to be able to hit a few keystrokes and know everything about us, past and present, even if you are the shoe shine man. I wrote in an article on King Abdullah II, of Jordan’s police state, that you cannot even set up a shoe shine stand there without a security clearance.

When I want to bed last night after working on some other emerging bombs on the Boston bombing, coming soon…I was taking some more time to review again what the local media took a pass on with their extensive reporting.

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