Theophillis Goodyear: Time for an Open-Source Truth Blitz on CNN and the Boston Bombing Story — Calling All Bloggers — Kick the Crap Out of CNN, Fox Et Al on Boston NOW — May the Force Be With You!

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Theophillis Goodyear
Theophillis Goodyear

This is a response to Owl's post Owl: Public Awake, Major Media Shredded — the Revolution IS Being Televised!

CNN is having ratings problems. If their subterfuge in Boston becomes common knowledge they will loose credibility and even more viewers. It would be a shot fired across the bow of every other news network. All the prominent muck-raking journals, like Mother Jones, the Nation, etc., should work together and make it happen, just like a blitz in football where everyone goes after the quarterback at once. They're already doing it, but they need to hit CNN hard, gang up on them! It may be a long time before there's another golden opportunity like this. CNN is down right now. With a behemoth like that, this is the best time to kick the crap out of them. And there's no mistaking the fact that they deserve it and in fact are inviting it by their repeated breaches of journalistic ethics. If the shoe was on the other foot they would be kicking the crap out of the little guy. It goes with the territory. They knew the rules when they started playing the game. The bigger they are the harder they fall.

Phi Beta Iota:  Emphasis in original.  We favor non-violent public intelligence in the public interest, confident that the truth at any cost lowers all other costs.  What we find interesting is that the government is not only having a problem in being called out in public over easily identifiable lies, but the government is also incompetent at cyber-war in detail — after decades of lying about what it can do, NSA and other “cyber” elements are unable to shut down specific threads or even specific websites, without revealing themselves.  There is, in our view, huge irony to be found in government lies of the past about what it could do now preventing the government from stopping public detection of its lies in the present.

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