Marcus Aurelius: White House Taxing Veterans & Military

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Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

BOTTOM LINE, UP FRONT: Once again, POTUS is seeking to stick it to the military via his budget.

Current issues are escalating costs for a apparently all TRICARE categories, depressed pay raises for active duty military, and restrained cost of living allowances, via “chained CPI,” for military retired pay.

Invite your attention to Military Officers Association of America’s (MOAA’s) graphics at links in basic message below. MOAA is going to visit Congress on 17 April to educate our elected representative. They badly need supporting e-mail fires from all of us. Hit the “Take Action” or “deliver a barrage of emails” links below to be taken to their legislative action center where they have prescripted but tailorable e-mail texts ready. Send early and often. Being a retiree, MOAA member, or even a veteran is not required. We can use help from anyone with access to a computer who can click a mouse.

Remember — those of us who are veterans and retirees at some time long ago wrote that blank check to the US Government, “payable for any amount up to and including death.” We served as directed. For those of us still surviving, it appears that the Government is abrogating its part of the deal. We can use everybody’s help on this one. And the next one, the one after that, and the one after that. We have a new persistent conflict over whether or not the government will honor its past promises to military personnel.

Help MOAA Storm the Hill

Now is the time to stand up and make your voice heard to reinforce MOAA leaders’ efforts on Capitol Hill next week.

On Wednesday, April 17, more than 160 national, state, and local MOAA representatives will “Storm the Hill” to visit the offices of nearly every US senator and representative.

They’ll be making the case against big DoD-proposed TRICARE fee hikes, an active duty pay raise cap, and more.

There’s never been a more important time to add your voice and deliver a barrage of emails to remind your legislators that MOAA’s Hill-stormers are backed by thousands more of their constituents.

Let’s hang together to oppose “taxing military people first.”