SchwartzReport: For Price of Iraq War, Half of the US Could Be on Renewable Energy Now

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schwartz reportI believe that historians will look back on the era that began with Reagan, and reached its peak during the administration of the second Bush, and his evil wizard, Cheney, and mark that as the beginning of the decline of America. We traded prosperity, and greatness, for the tainted pottage of elective war, and the privatization of our social order to the be! nefit of the few and to the cost of the many. Here is an example of what I mean.

For the Price of the Iraq War, U.S. Could Power Half of the Country With Renewable Energy
David Roberts – Grist

Phi Beta Iota:  It is much, much worse than this, especially when considering the human cost of all nations.  It has long been established that peace and prosperity can be had for one third of what we spend on war — the key difference is that war is profitable for banks in unethically extraordinary ways, while peace and prosperity are profitable for the 99% in relatively mundane ways.  The only good news is that Generation Truth is rising, and will use open information and open deliberation to put the relics of the Industrial Era away.

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