Dolphin: Six Americans Killed as Taliban Targets NATO

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‘Six Americans' killed in suicide bomb in Afghanistan as Taliban target NATO workers

Muslim militant group, Hizb-e-Islami, claimed responsibility for attack
U.S. Defense Secretary confirmed two of the dead are US soldiers
Nationality of four civilian contractors not yet officially announced
Powerful explosion rattled buildings on the other side of Kabul
Identity of dead Americans has not yet been released

By Anna Edwards

MailOnline, : 01:40 EST, 16 May 2013

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Phi Beta Iota:  This is of note for several reasons.  First, contractors are dying in greater numbers than most realize, this is simply not covered in the US media.  Second, the combination of suicide drivers and car bombs makes any identifiable convey — and the bystanders in the moment — a sitting duck target.  Third, since it is obvious that the US has lost and that Karzai's days are numbered, one has to ask, is there a role here for Transition Intelligence, something that provides ethical evidence-based decision-support for what must surely be an exit strategy?  One that is — heavens — discussed openly with the Taliban, Iran, and Pakistan?  Drones are not going to do it.  Once US ground forces are out, the Taliban will have no difficulty developing cross-border attack plans on US drone launch and recovery bases.  Think Benghazi times ten.  Intelligence has sucked the entire time before and during our ill-advised occupation of Afghanistan.  Might it not be time to let the real professionals do their thing?

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