John Maguire: YouTube Audio (1:21:36) Blue Science’s Matt Pulver: Subquantum Kinetics, Pathological Science, and Modeling Consciousness

Collective Intelligence, Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence
John Maguire
John Maguire

Published on May 17, 2013

Interview with Physicist and Consciousness Researcher Matt Pulver on the topics of Theoretical Physics, the Sociology of Science, and Consciousness/Perception. Matt works with Dr. Paul LaViolette in modeling Subquantum Kinetics; Dr. Paul's novel systems approach to microphysics and cosmology. Matt is also the coordinator of Project Camelot's Blue Science, an undertaking intended to expand public awareness of ‘Censored Science'. Reference Abstracted Outline below for effective skimming:

0.min-6.min: Matt's Academic experience; Project Camelot/Blue Science; Funding in Academia; the Independent Researcher; Kerry Cassidy

6.min-30.min: Collaberative work with Dr. Paul LaViolette; Predictions of Subquantum Kinetics; String Theory as a Brain Drain; Particles as Dissipative Structures; Gravity; Unaccounted Core Energy in Planets/Stars; Genic Energy; Galactic Superwaves; Pioneer Anomaly;  Was There a Big Bang; Red Shift as a Doppler Effect; Red Shift as Tired Light Effect; Micro Physics as an Open System Phenomenon

31.min-37.min: Science in Academia; Was the Ether Disproven; Politics of the Master Game; Black Projects; Phil Schneider and Underground Bases; Sociology of Science; Thrive Movie

38.min-54.min: Ra and the Law of One; Space for Spirituality; Gödel's Theorem; Philosophy/History of Mathematics; Consciousness; False-Flags; What Is Truth; Russell's Paradox; Formal Number Theory; Shortcomings/Limitations of Mathematical Logic/Proofs; Qualitative vs. Quantitative Thinking

55.min-1.hour.2.min: Structure of Consciousness; Altered Perception; Limitations of Awareness; Archetypes and Artifacts; Embracing Paradox and Holism

1.hour.3.min-1.hour.21.min: Where Does Consciousness Come From; Self-Awareness and God; Electrogravitics; Reverse Engineering B2-Bomber; T. Townsend Brown; Anti-Gravity; Cloaking/Stealth; Philadelphia Experiment; Gravitational Potential/Vector Force; The Scalar Ether; Over-Unity Prototypes


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