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5 Star, Extraterrestial Intelligence, Intelligence (Extra-Terrestrial)
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Charles James Hall

5.0 out of 5 stars Another testimony of TW visitors February 3, 2011

Hi, open minds.

My summoned review of this book: “the most interesting one of the MH saga”.

In this book you can find the most revealing information about this human race.  While I was reading this book, a long sleeping memory re-ignited in my head: I ALSO met these people !! No joke I swear, this fisonomy matches exactly to that of 4 people that came across my hometown about 35 years ago:

On july 1975 (perhaps 1976) my family spent vacations in a little village named “Chera”, here in Spain located some 70 km inland from East coast (Valencia).
My uncle startled stood up during the street-laid supper and voiced: “what the heck is that thing”, spotting what he said “looked like a flying bus”.
Effectively all of us could see about 3000 feet high and 3 miles away, an strange object cruising from east to west in utter silence.  This sighting was at roughly 11 pm and lasted for no more than 30 secongs. This place is sorrounded by mountains and the object soon hid behind a ridge.

The following saturday morning we were resting in the local swimming pool facilities when my father told me “look at that odd gang”.
Actually a group of at least 2 adult men, a boy and a girl walked by. I thought they were “albinos” that people with the genetic traits causing lack of pigmentation on skin. They wore shorts and she a one-piece blue bathsuit.

They were completely white and amazingly slim, blue-eyed and whiteblond-haired people. They were known by none in that 1000-peasant small village. I always remember to be very curious and I was numb by this scene. By then (9 years old) I knew nothing about ETs, let alone about tall white ETs.

I felt some pity abput them because such a degree of slimness could only mean to me unhealthy condition. I stared at them sitting on the lawn in a circle, they never plunged in the pool on such a soffocating hot day and thay ointed no solar protection on their delicate skin. Suddenly I noticed the boy sizing a bottle of water but his left pinkie was stiff, he could not old it, so bizarre !!

In that very moment the girl turned back her head swiftly and looked at me with a grin, and one of the adults also looked at me with big blue eyes as in alert and concern.
Then I thought I had been caught up peeping and just lowered my eyes somewhat embarrased. Now I think they thought just the same about their disguised anomality, and 10 minutes later they just walked out discretely.

The flood of images and thoughts that crossed my mind the moment thay looked at me is beyond words, a mix of tenderness and joyfull intimate greeting. Then a dizzy feeling and a temporay loss of sense about elapsing time.

That's my testimony and that's why I guess I devoured these books. This story deserves a film just to further honour our secret guests.

Best regards-

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