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schwartz reportEditor's Note

In today's issue I want to illustrate several trends, and show how they blend together into a meta-trend. This is our shadow. An amalgam of hysteria, fear, anger, racism, willful ignorance, and a sense of affronted victimization. Each of these stories illustrates an aspect of this meta-trend. By putting them together I wanted to give a sense of how broad this trend is. It is an act of intentioned self-sabotage of historic proportions. For other examples read Jared Diamond's Collapse, or Barbara Tuchman's March of Folly. We are coming to a crisis. I want to be clear here. This is not about partisanship, this is about attitudes and priorities. Finally, I close the edition with a different world, the one that could be, if we would only make national wellness a first priority. [Denmark, not the USA, is the gold standard for secular Western democracy.]

— Stephan

Letters at 3AM: An Arbitrary Nation
MICHAEL VENTURA – The Austin Chronicle

Is Democracy in Trouble?
E.J. DIONNE, JR. – Truthdig

Washington Gets Explicit: Its ‘war on Terror' Is Permanent
Glenn Greenwald – The Guardian (U.K.)

Beltway Scandal Machine Breaks, Knows Nothing About America
JOAN WALSH , Editor-at-Large – Salon

Rand Paul: UN has Secret Plot to ‘CONFISCATE and DESTROY ALL’ of America’s Guns
Eric W. Dolan – The Raw Story

Right-wing Radio Host: I Want to Shoot Clinton Right in the Vagina
ERIC W. DOLAN – The Raw Story

And finally let me close the edition with this… What we could do, what we could be… if socially progressive adults who had national wellness as a first priority made policy.

America Needs Denmark's
Senator Bernie Sanders, (I-Vt) – Reader Supported News

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