Michelle Monk: Geke.US Lays Out Government-Corporate Circles of Corruption

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Michelle Monk
Michelle Monk

Here is what they have as of today.  An extraordinary effort that should soon become automated.   You won't find these on LinkedIn!  Click for individual Venn diagram similar to the Keystone Pipeline shown below.,

Nominally Good:


The Rest:

Comcast   .   Defense Contractors   .   Disney   .   Enron   .   Fannie Mae   .   General Electric   .   Goldman Sachs   .   Green Energy   .   Keystone Pipeline   .   Media   .   Monsanto   .   Motion Picture Association of America   .   Oil Industry   .   Pharmaceuticals   .   Planned Parenthood   .   Social Networking Sites   .   Tobacco Industry   .   Walmart

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

Phi Beta Iota: Now imagine this being done at every level of government from the municipality on up, across every policy domain, with whole systems analytics, true cost economics, and all trade-offs clearly visible. This is where we are going.  Humanitarian technology and Open Source Everything (OSE) are going to empower the public in a manner no government or corporation can conceive or achieve.

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