Robin Good: Finding Twitter Influencers by Topic and Place

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Robin Good
Robin Good

If you are looking for an effective tool to identify Twitter influencers in specific niches and regions of the world, here is a super handy new tool.

Twtrland is a new web app which allows you to easily find key influencers on many niche topics including the ability to identify those influencers based in specific geographic regions.

Try searching for a specific Twitter user by name and last name and check out the thorough profile that Twtrland builds for you. Very useful. Then try a city and drill down to find who are the influencers by using the filters on the left side. Finally try to search for one of the 60K skills already covered (too bad “Content Curation” isn't there yet).

From the official site:Twtrland. It allows you to search Twitter by names, location and skills and surfaces a wide variety of insights, stats and useful pointers. It’s especially useful if you’re researching specialists (by country/location) as well as checking someone out (beyond the usual LinkedIn search).

Free version available.

The PRO version allows for more search results, filters, the ability to collect profiles into separate folders, to export them, and to analyze fully the stats of any brand, keyword or user for $19.99.

My comment: Hard to beat. Great research tool allows you to rapidly find relevant influencers in a growing number of verticals. Easy to use. Very useful.

Try it out now:


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