Penguin: Web 3.0 Player? Google Competitor Presearch Launches Decentralized Search Engine

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Google Competitor Presearch Launches Decentralized Search Engine

Presearch aims to end Google's search monopoly while providing privacy and rewarding users with crypto.

In brief

  • Presearch is a privacy-centric search engine that is going live.
  • Users are rewarded with PRE tokens.
  • The blockchain-based search engine is designed to protect user IP addresses, device info, browsers, and location data.

Robert Steele: An Open Letter to All European Ministers on Peace Through Open Everything

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

An Open Letter to All European Ministers

Esteemed Ministers,

On 27 May the Competitiveness Council in Brussels announced a European decision to achieve Open Access to all scientific research data by 2020. This decision, and the implementing European framework programme for research and innovation Horizon 2020, will be recognized by future generations as the first serious step toward the creation of a prosperous world at peace. With this one decision Europe is turning away from centuries of war and waste; away from scientific reductionism, away from corporate ownership of public knowledge, away from legal barriers to innovation, and away from government neglect of the public interest.

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Yoda: All EU R&D Articles to Be Open Access by 2020

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yoda with light saberBetween this and the Goggle vs. Oracle ruling, it was a great week.

All European scientific articles to be freely accessible by 2020

All scientific articles in Europe must be freely accessible as of 2020. EU member states want to achieve optimal reuse of research data. They are also looking into a European visa for foreign start-up founders.

Phi Beta Iota: The cash flow positions of Thomson Reuters, Elsevier, and Bloomberg are strong for now, the mind-sets appear less so.

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Robert Steele: Can Thomson Reuters [or Bloomberg] Be a $20B+ per Year World Brain?

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Yoda: Death of Elsevier & Thomson Reuters…

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Sabine Balve: World Leaders Forum Dubai

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Sabine Balve
Sabine Balve

World Leaders Forum Dubai, Global Think and Do Tank, A Coalition of the Connected Ones…

World Leaders Forum Dubai is more then just a forum and global campaign, it is a call to greater citizenship, an international THINK and DO TANK, we have more then 100.000 follower and around 5.000 scientists and top experts in all global topic questions. Addressing Global Citizen to empower especially global's youth and women to create as CHANGE-MAKERS a more sustainable future for all – with a NEW GREEN Economic model: HUMAN to HUMAN (H2H) to promote a World in Peace!  WLFDubai regroups Teams, Partners and Sponsors worldwide, JOIN, you all matter to us! – some of our plans:

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Yoda: Matt McAlister on Need for $1B Journalism Fund

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yoda with light saberGoogle and Facebook as the dark force…

Silicon Valley should follow Google and create a $1bn journalism fund


The Guardian


Europe has assumed the role of digital media regulator in the apparent absence of a moral compass within these platforms that exert increasing influence over our lives.

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Neal Rauhauser: What Is a Blockchain?

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Neal Rauhauser
Neal Rauhauser

The blockchain is a cryptographically secured register. A long, long time ago we used to hook a line printer to important systems and they'd print a subset of their logging to it. An intruder taking over a box could erase the contents of /var/log, but that printout was immutable. The blockchain provides something similar, but it's globally distributed, so *everyone* with access can write on it in an immutable fashion.

EXTRACT: Today an Argentinian freelancer who uses their banking system has to wait five days for an international transfer, lose 30% of his income to predatory fee structures, and run the very real risk that one of the parties involved in the clearing will simply misplace their money entirely. A Bitcoin based competitor can do this transaction at 1% of the cost in 0.1% of the time, make a profit while doing so, and there is nothing the government can do to stop it. 

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