SchwartzReport: Bank of America Deep Crimes, Treason & Trade, Spanking for Jesus — the Criminally Insane Rule

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schwartz reportThe Bank of America should by all that is fair and reasonable be penalized by being broken up, and a number of senior officials being indicted and prosecuted in court. I doubt very much that any of that will happen. We have a Justice Department that clearly takes the position that big banks are above the law — they wouldn’t say that, of course, but that is effectively their position. No major figure has been prosecuted at the Federal level for 2008,! so what do you think will happen in 2013?

Checks, Lies and Bankster Red Tape

The trend of a few Non-geographical corporate states, and their vassal governments, helping them to take over control of food and water worldwide is gathering momentum.

Secret Trade Agreements Threaten Food Safety, Subvert Democracy

I follow the Theocratic Right closely, because I consider fundamentalism, whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or anything else as one of the most pernicious socially toxic forces in society — any society. One of the universals of fundamentalism is a strong sexual dysfunctionality, with an emphasis on male dominance. Just how weird this movement is becoming in the U.S.! is seen in this story. I want to point out that Theocratic Right women are fully complicit in this.

‘Spanking for Jesus’ Movement Combines Christian Fundamentalism and Sadomasochism
ERIC W. DOLAN – The Raw Story

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