SchwartzReport: Phosperous Vital, Royals in Morocco Control It — And How Misguided Philathropy Joins Predatory Capitalism to Further Gut Humanity

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence

I confess that when I read this story, I realized I had missed an important trend. This is a big deal, as it says, and it tells us that the days of industrial chemical based monoculture, depending on massive infusions of rock phosphates is doomed. The solution working with nature, not trying to dominate her.

You Need Phosphorus to Live-and We’re Running Out
TOM PHILPOTT – Mother Jones

Here is a report on the direction we need to go, abandoning the chemical dominate nature approach to agriculture, and embracing working with nature’s system.  Note the comment about how even a well-meaning billionaire like Bill Gates using his money can make a mistake that skews the entire world in the wrong direction. This, in itself, is an emerging trend. With 8 per cent of the population controlling 50 per cent of the world’s wealth, the errors made by people like Gates can impose deeply flawed solutions on the world that the other 92 per cent have to live with.

The Russians Prove Small Scale Organic CAN Feed the World
CHRISTINA SARICH – Natural Society/Nation of Change

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