Rickard Falkvinge: Swarmwise Tactica Manual to Changing the World Chapter Five

Advanced Cyber/IO, Civil Society, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics
Rickard Falkvinge
Rickard Falkvinge

Swarmwise – The Tactical Manual To Changing The World. Chapter Five

Swarm Management:  Anybody who has led guilds or raids in World of Warcraft can learn how to lead a swarm. Or, for that matter, most entrepreneurs who have led small-scale teams dependent on trust. In essence, it’s the same social and psychological mechanisms.

Swarmwise chapters – one chapter per month
1. Understanding The Swarm
2. Launching Your Swarm
3. Getting Your Swarm Organized: Herding Cats
4. Control The Vision, But Never The Message
5. Keep Everybody’s Eyes On Target, And Paint It Red Daily (this chapter)
6. Screw Democracy, We’re On A Mission From God (Jul 1)
7. Surviving Growth Unlike Anything The MBAs Have Seen (Aug 1)
8. Using Social Dynamics To Their Potential (Sep 1)
9. Managing Oldmedia (Oct 1)
10. Beyond Success (Nov 1)The actual book is expected to be available by July 1, 2013.

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