SchwartzReport: Secret Money Buying State Judges

Corruption, Government, Law Enforcement

schwartz reportYet another chapter in the corruption of all our governmental institutions. The same process by which the U.S. Congress was suborned, and neutered, is now playing out at the State level, particularly in the Red value states.

Notice the prominence in this report of North Carolina, which I see as a laboratory state for Red Values. This is the state whose legislature passed a bill demanding no consideration of climate change, in spite of the state’s vulnerability. All the Theocratic Rights’ fantasies are playing out in North Carolina, as well as Mississippi, Louisiana — the usual list.

One effect of the corruption of state judiciaries is that it will further the Great Schism Trend, even as it degrades one of the pillars of our democracy — the judiciary. Read this remembering the piece I did in Friday’s edition on the bias for donors that arises in judicial decisions, and correlates with donations. It almost goes without saying that this is largely financed by the Koch brothers and their ilk, and is being carried out through the auspices of the Republican Party.

You need to be on the lookout for this happening in your state, and organize against it. Otherwise our judicial system will be forever compromised. We are in parlous times. Choices are being made now that will shape the trajectories of the states and the country as a whole, for generations.

Secret Money Is Now Swaying State Judicial Elections

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