Sterling Seagrave: Japan Ignores Prior History, Creating Pre-Emptive Strike Capability

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Sterling Seagrave
Sterling Seagrave

No one reads history anymore.

Japan’s Military Moves Toward Pre-Emptive Strike Capability


Wall Street Journal, 30 May 2013

TOKYO—Japan’s military, long constrained by the nation’s postwar pacifist constitution, moved toward gaining the freedom to strike enemy targets abroad if an attack is anticipated.

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Phi Beta Iota:  War is not winnable.  Most investments in war — and particularly those that are touted as pre-emptive, cyber, bunker-busters, nuclear, etcetera — are scams — fraud most focused on promotions and spending money and kick-backs and retirement jobs.  War is the most expensive harmful way possible to settle disputes, and harms the many on all sides while benefiting only a tiny handful that fund war but do not themselves go in harm’s way.  Japan has a very long history of very corrupt polititians allied with the dark side of CIA and the criminal families, all held together with Black Lily gold in the post WWII period.  The Japanese are taking this wrong turn at precisely the moment that China has mastered full-spectrum maneuvers that make the most of soft power with hard power as a last resort.

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