2013 Robert Steele: It’s Time for Crisis Mappers to Spin Up Corruption Mappers 2.0 + Corruption RECAP

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Robert David STEELE Vivas
Robert David STEELE Vivas

I share with Lawrence Lessig the conviction that corruption is the principal threat to humanity.  I would add to that my own view that corruption is responsible for 50% of all investments being wasted, be they in agriculture, energy, health, or the military, as representative domains.  I also believe that corruption will persist until individuals can report corruption with absolute anonymity; an intermediary can combine reports from multiple sources to achieve a degree of trust in the accusations; and individuals, by name, time, place, and amount, and be publicly outed.  We must also use this information to identify systemic unfairness in wages that often underlay corruption.

The key problem, as identified below in an overview of the latest report from Transparency International, is that no one trusts the government — where most of the corruption takes place or high crimes such as banking fraud are legalized.

Crisis Mappers, the rapid maturation of humanitarian technologies (relying on open source software and hardware), have impressed me deeply.  I was one of the pioneers striving to get the US secret world to be intelligent about advanced information processing and analysis from 1986-1992, and they still don't get it.  In my view, the time has come for Crisis Mappers to join with Transparency International (based in Berlin) and the Chaos Computer Club in Germany, to create Corruption Mappers.

I leave it to others to assure the code is truly anonymous, to pick the test case, and to make it work.  Shunning — public shunning — is the single most effective non-violent means of community redress I know of — this is one reason why I favor Truth & Reconciliation to educate the public, instead of punitive measures that do not achieve longer-term effect.  One reason corruption is so prevalent is because the political leaders cheat the public and the public servants of a living wage — I note with interest that Walmart has informed DC it will not build here if it is required to meet that simple condition.  The eradication of corruption requires BOTH the identification and remediation of the conditions that make corruption a necessary choice for the poorest, AND a means of outing all those that are corrupt, starting with the most senior, those who set the tone for the entire society.

Kudos to Transparency International  for all it has done to date — all very Epoch A Industrial Era survey-heavy.  It is time to move to the next level — Epoch B bottom up detailed reporting plotted on a map, translated, everything that Crisis Mappers do so well.  Get it working well, then we can take it for a drive in the USA, state by state.  This has the potential to be the first deep broad sustained exercise of public power in the 21st Century.  IMHO.

The World Is Getting More Corrupt, and These Are the 5 Worst Offenders

By SANTIAGO WILLS, abc news, July 10, 2013

On Tuesday, Berlin-based watchdog Transparency International released its Global Corruption Barometer 2013, a worldwide survey of 114,000 people that analyzes bribery and corruption in 107 countries.

The report found that corruption and bribery are prevalent across both developed and underdeveloped nations: More than 50 percent of respondents in the world said corruption had worsened in recent years, and 27 percent admitted to paying bribes in order to access public services and institutions.

Few respondents see an easy way out of this growing problem. The majority of people don’t believe in their government’s capabilities to fight corruption. Nearly 88 percent think that their leaders are doing a poor job at it, and most blame public institutions as the main corruption sources.

Here are five of the world’s most corrupt institutions, according to the survey:

1) The Police

2) Judges

3) Public Officials and Civil Servants

4) Political Parties

5) The Citizenry

Read full article with expansion for each of the above.

Phi Beta Iota:  We strongly agree and hope that Harvard, which has been home to both Dr. Patrick Meier (now in Qatar) and Dr. Lawrence Lessig, will pick up on this.  We'd love to see it honor Aaron Swartz in some way.

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