Mongoose: Bannon Gets It — Corrupt GOP is Enemy #1

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Bannon to conservatives: Fear ‘corrupt’ GOP establishment

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon told conservatives Sunday at a rally that they needn’t worry about Democrats but instead should focus on the “corrupt and incompetent Republican establishment.”

Republicans in Congress have failed to support Trump’s “populist, nationalist, conservative” message and ideas, Bannon said.

Robert Parry: The Crazy Imbalance of Russia-Gate — Ignoring Israel’s Control of US National Security, Foreign Policy, and Media

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Robert Parry

The Crazy Imbalance of Russia-gate

If the concern is that American political campaigns are being influenced by foreign governments whose interests may diverge from what’s best for America, why not look at countries that have caused the United States far more harm recently than Russia?

After all, Saudi Arabia and its Sunni Wahabbi leaders have been pulling the U.S. government into their sectarian wars with the Shiites, including conflicts in Yemen and Syria that have contributed to anti-Americanism in the region, to the growth of Al Qaeda, and to a disruptive flow of refugees into Europe.

And, let’s not forget the 8,000-pound gorilla in the room: Israel. Does anyone think that whatever Russia may or may not have done in trying to influence U.S. politics compares even in the slightest to what Israel does all the time?

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Phil Giraldi: America’s Jews Driving America’s Wars

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Philip Giraldi

America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars

Shouldn’t they recuse themselves when dealing with the Middle East?
Phi Beta Iota: He names names. What he does not do is emphasize the degree to which Members of Congress are being both bribed and blackmailed by Zio-Cons.