Berto Jongman: Is USA Headed for a Civil War?

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Berto Jongman

Is America Headed for a New Kind of Civil War?

In a reversal of public opinion from the nineteen-sixties, Blight said, the weakening of political institutions today has led Americans to shift their views on which institutions are credible.

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Betty Boop” List of 53 US Congressional Representatives Being Bribed and Perhaps Blackmailed by Zionists (Israeli Government and Agent of a Foreign Power AIPAC

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53 Congressional Reps On All Expense Paid Trips To Israel

At least 53 Congressional representatives are on a week-long trip to Israel, paid for by the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), an arm of the powerful lobbying group AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee).

The full roster of participants is unknown. The Congressional press office has refused to release the names of those participating, and so far national media have ignored the trip.

Mongoose: David Brock’s Confidential Memo on Destroying Donald Trump and Alt-Right Alternative Media and Truth Operations

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Democracy Matters: Strategic Plan for Action

Phi Beta Iota: Worthy of a full read.  Full of lies and avoids mentioning the racketeering conspiracy with George Soros and Eric Schmidt or #GoogleGestapo censorship board — or the AIPAC role in manipulating media, money, and more, but a starting point. In our view, David Brock along with Eric Schmidt and George Soros should be under investigation for sedition and conspiracy.