Gordon Duff: Israeli Covert Action in USA Led by Senator John McCain?

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Gordon Duff
Gordon Duff

Israeli hoax on Gen. Dempsey unmasked

Hoax exposed: Gen. Dempsey rebuffs speculations he called for Syria raids

“In truth, the calls for ‘kinetic strikes’ on Syria came from Senator John McCain of Arizona, a member of the Israeli lobby who met with Al Qaeda leaders in the Arab country in late May, 2013.”

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Phi Beta Iota:  The article also does a pretty thorough job of destroying Senator McCain with a collection of statements related to McCain’s times as a prisoner of war.  McCain is already well known for abandoning the last 1,000 US POWs in North Viet-Nam, agreeing with the varied US administrations that the price being asked by the North Vietnamese was too high.  It merits observation that when the North Vietnamese decided to take on the USA, their first decision at the strategic level was to focus on collecting as many prisoners as possible for resale back to the USA at a multi-billion dollar price.

We have no direct knowledge of any of this, but our indirect knowledge does call into question the integrity of all those associated with the Israeli covert operations against the US public, the US Congress, and the US media.

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