NIGHTWATCH: US Ambassador in Egypt at Risk

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Ambassador Anne Paterson
Ambassador Anne Paterson

Egypt.  Extract:

Generally, the Arab monarchies support the new Egyptian government. Elected Muslim governments, including Iran and Malaysia, are hostile. Indonesia, a secular government in a Muslim country, is supportive. What is curious is the hostility or ambivalence of mainstream news outlets and the stated opposition of most Western governments.

Attitudes towards the US are uniformly hostile, particularly to the US Ambassador who spoke in public on 30 June against the anti-Mursi demonstrations. That speech is cited often as the reason for hostility to the US by the Tamarrud members. Large posters of the Ambassador have her face X’ed out in red paint. The US government has limited influence with Tamarrud which believes the US propped up Mursi. The ambassador should be considered not safe in Cairo.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The US Ambassador, Anne W. Patterson, is a career foreign service officer, unlike many of the low-rent campaign contributors who buy Ambassadorships for as little at $15,000.  As with our heroic Civil Affairs personnel, no amount of talent at the tactical level can overcome stupid at the strategic level.  Still, “Friends of Hillary” abount — sending a non-Muslim, and a woman, to a Muslim country in turmoil, is not smart at all.  Egypt and Syria should have been top priorities for US respect.  The swath of destruction continues to expand, but on a very positive side, once unleashed, the Arab search for organic legitimacy continues.

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