Eagle: New Hip Cost — in Corrupt USA, Over $100,000; in Honest Other Countries, $13,000 Inclusive of Travel Costs

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300 Million Talons...
300 Million Talons…

This sucks — seems like a real truth-teller on the failure of the USA in relation to public needs and expectations.

In Need of a New Hip, but Priced Out of the U.S.


“Very leery” of going to a developing country like India or Thailand, which both draw so-called medical tourists, he ultimately chose to have his hip replaced in 2007 at a private hospital outside Brussels for $13,660. That price included not only a hip joint, made by Warsaw-based Zimmer Holdings, but also all doctors’ fees, operating room charges, crutches, medicine, a hospital room for five days, a week in rehab and a round-trip ticket from America.

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