Eagle: Police Murder 95-Year Old WWII War Hero — Wobbly, in a Home, They Taser Him and Then Shoot Him in Stomach with a Shotgun Beanbag

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300 Million Talons...
300 Million Talons…

The police are out of control.  These two “officers” should hang.  This is what the criminally insane 9/11 DHS “lies for empire” and printed money mind-set have accomplished.  The militarization of the police — intellectually and morally limited to begin with — has destroyed the social contract between the community and its so-called goverance forces.

Die for your country! Or they’ll do it for you!

95-year-old veteran John Wrana fought for America in World War 2, but he didn’t get a chance to die for his country. Instead, his country killed him with a beanbag shotgun blast to the stomach after a thorough tasering.

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The incident began after Wrana, who uses a walker, refused a surgery at his assisted living home. He grew agitated at the staff for pressuring him for medical attention. He was a war hero and didn’t like being pushed around.

Soon the police arrived to subdue the senior citizen, riot gear at the ready to take on the wobbly old man. Conflicting reports have emerged between officers and staff, with the employees of the home reporting that they asked officers not to harm him and requested to intervene.

Police decided instead to taser the war hero and follow it up with a beanbag to the guts. Officers reported that a knife had been pulled, but no knife was found on the scene. The police used a riot shield, shotgun and taser on a 95-year-old man in a walker who arguably presented no threat to anyone but himself.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Emphasis added.  In a third world country, this incident might have precipitated the burning down of the police station to which these two morons belonged.  It is utterly outrageous that any police office would consider tasering a 95 year old with a walker.  This should be a tipping point event, but the country has been so drugged up and dumbed down that this event will be ignored by the mainstream media and swept under the rug.

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