SchwartzReport: Blue Death (Poisoned Tap Water) + Radioactive Wastewter from Natural Gas Drilling

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schwartz reportWhen I first began to travel professionally, when I started working for National Geographic, we used to be warned about not drinking the local water from the tap. Today I would be more concerned about the tap water in parts of American than I would be in much of the rest of the world. Here’s why. My suggestion to all of you is to have your water tested by a! n independent lab. It only costs a few dollars, and it may give you a surprise.

Unlimited Arsenic and Other Poisons Dumped Daily Into US Waters
DONNA LISENBY – EcoWatch/Reader Supported News

Right now there is another blown-out rig in the Gulf of Mexico, and FOUR major tar sands pipeline leaks in Alberta, Canada. We are experiencing a major continent wide slow motion environmental disaster going on within the carbon energy infrastructure and, as far as I can see, the only person in corporate media who is even talking about it is Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. And today! , the Republicans in the House gutted support for non-carbon energy.

Natural Gas Drilling Produces Radioactive Wastewater

Phi Beta Iota:  Since the government clearly cannot be trusted to look after the public interest, it would seem that public intelligence vigilance committees are required at the Congressional district level, to both keep their citizens informed and to oversee their corrupt Member of Congress who attends to the special interests that buy government complicity in their crimes against the public interest.

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