SchwartzReport: Federal Judge Owned by Catholic Church?

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schwartz reportThis is an amazing court decision, with enormous implications not only for Catholics, but for religious groups in general. It is hard to believe a court could rule in this way, or that this will not be overturned.

Federal Judge: Catholic Church Has A Constitutional Right Not To Compensate Victims Of Sex Abuse
IAN MILLHISER – Think Progress

A federal judge in Wisconsin handed down an opinion yesterday granting the Catholic Church – and indeed, potentially all religious institutions – such sweeping immunity from federal bankruptcy law that it is not clear that it would permit any plaintiff to successfully sue any church in any court. While the ostensible issue in this case is whether over $50 million in church funds are shielded from a bankruptcy proceeding triggered largely by a flood of clerical sex abuse claims against the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Judge Rudolph Randa reads the church’s constitutional and legal right to religious liberty so broadly as to render religious institutions immune from much of the law.