Veterans Today: Kerry Was Wrong – Turkey Indicts Six Jihadists for Sarin — Not Whole Story But Good Start

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veterans todayKerry Was Wrong

Turkish prosecutor indicts six jihadists for alleged attempts to acquire chemicals with intent to produce sarin

Does the truth really set you free? Do I care?
Does the truth really set you free? Do I care?

The Turkish Republican Prosecutor in Adana has issued a 132-page indictment, alleging that six members of the al-Qaeda-aligned al-Nusra Front and Ahrar ash-Sham – one Syrian and five Turks – tried to acquire chemicals with the intent to produce the chemical weapon sarin.

The Turkish newspaper Radikal reports that the suspects were under surveillance by Turkish police after they received information that the al-Nusra members tried to acquire two government-regulated military-grade chemical substances.

11 people were arrested in their safe house in the city of Adana in southeastern Turkey on May 23, 2013, after they had acquired some of the chemicals.

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Phi Beta Iota: In fairness to Secretary of State John Kerry, one has to ask, was he wrong, or misinformed, or fully informed and lying out of loyalty to a system that is no longer serving the public interest?  If the US intelligence community knows (highly unlikely), and communicates effectively (not happening), then the next choke point is the Department of State bureaucracy, which is notorious for being staffed by dual-citizen Zionists who warp US foreign policy from the desk level.  If Kerry wants to be a GREAT Secretary of State, he needs to a) demand intelligence with integrity; b) do a counterintelligence housekeeping across the decrepit elements of State that have become agents of a foreign power; and c) tell the truth to the public as well as the President — this demands a refusal to follow the party line instructions from the lightweights in the White House that have never held a real job and have no idea what the truth actually might be. — nor do they care because they are ethically challenged.

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