Mini-Me: 2 Million, Not 800,000, Involuntarily Furloughed

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Who? Mini-Me?
Who? Mini-Me?


800,000 is the number of federal employees involuntarily furloughted.

The total number is much, much worse.

Over 800,000 contractors, perhaps as many as 1.2 million, were subjected to various forms of involuntary leave, furlough, and outright firing.  The best companies are offering some work-arounds, such as posting hours to the last authorized pay period to be paid now and worked off later in overtime, but most companies are simply folding.

Meanwhile, money continues via various channels for a number of programs and systems that are questionable, at best, in comparison to what is being done to our human capital.

Department Employees % Out Furloughed Stay Home Must Work
NASA 18,134 0.97 17,590 NASA TV Space Station
EPA 16,205 0.94 15,233 Pesticide  Superfund
Commerce 46,420 0.87 40,385 Census Weather
Labor 16,304 0.82 13,369 Statisticians Inspectors
Interior 72,562 0.81 58,775 Park Visit Ctrs Fish Hatcheries
Treasury 112,461 0.8 89,969 Wine Permits Money printers
Energy 13,814 0.69 9,532 Researchers Nuclear
HHS 78,198 0.52 40,663 Inspectors Lab Animals
Defense 800,000 0.5 400,000 Environment Recruiters
Transportation 55,468 0.33 18,304 Auto Recalls Air Traffic
Social Security 62,343 0.29 18,079 Actuaries Claims
Justine 114,486 0.15 17,173 Pardons DEA
DHS 231,117 0.14 32,356 Trainers Secret Service
VA 332,025 0.04 13,281 PAOs Nurses
1,969,537 784,710

Source: NYT


Internal Revenue Service (little people have no more to tax)

US Intelligence Community analysts and administrations (70%)


CIA drone assassination program

CIA ramping up covert training program for moderate Syrian rebels

NSA (making us less safe)

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