SmartPlanet: Weak Signals of Intelligent Life

Commercial Intelligence, Earth Intelligence

smartplanet logoCAPTCHA kaput? Software cracks “are you human” test

An artificial intelligence company says their algorithm can solve CAPTCHAs — those distorted jumble of letters used to prove you’re not a bot — with 90 percent accuracy.

By Janet Fang

Massive underwater tunnel now links Europe and Asia by rail

A new transit system in Turkey will provide an important economic link between Europe and Asia.

By Tyler Falk

Microsoft researchers invent sign language translator

Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor has transformed from a novel gaming controller to a valued tool for robotics, and now is helping to interpret sign language in real time.

By David Worthington

Tesla owners can drive from Mexico to Canada (for free)

A corridor of Tesla Supercharger DC fast-charging stations along Interstate 5 and U.S. Highway 101 is complete.

By Kirsten Korosec

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