Owl: More Evil from Google

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

More Evil from Google

“Portland Tugboat has posted a photo of another Google mystery barge on their Facebook page. On October 27, CNET reported that a similar barge was docked in the San Francisco Bay. “Is it a floating Google data center? A floating Google Glass store? Or something else altogether?” asked Daniel Terdiman, writing for the tech media website. The barge is docked at a former U.S. Navy station on Treasure Island. On October 26, Tom Bell, writing for the Portland Press Herald, reported “a four-story windowless building” docked in the Portland Harbor. “Its purpose and its owner’s identity have been kept secret.” Fred Burton, vice president of Stratfor and a former senior State Department official, described Google as “doing things the CIA cannot do,” according to documents acquired by Wikileaks.”

Facebook Photo Shows Another Google Mystery Barge Off the Coast of Maine

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