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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

2013 Pentagon Arctic Strategy (PDF 16 Pages)

Phi Beta Iota: Boiler-plate.  The one little gem, “all domain awareness,” is glossed over.  In other words, neither DoD nor NORTHCOM understand that getting a grip on the Arctic demands a Multinational Decision Support Centre that enables the capture and sharing of all information in all languages all the time.  See Dr. Greg Newby (Alaska Supercomputing Center) and the Multinational Open Source Arctic Innovation Consortium (MOSAIC).

Assassination: A New Era Begins (Crowdsourcing? People’s Pitchfork?)

Banking Crime and Politics

Corporate War Against Citizen Activism

Phi Beta Iota: Think CIA’s MHCHAOS on steroids — lots more money, lots less ethics (yes, corporate has less ethics than CIA did then or does now).

Cyber Restructuring: Software Reorganizing the World

Currency is Information (Movie & Story)

Cyber-Weapons: Their Origin

Economic Revolution?

ETHICS: Who Gets to Kill and Get Paid For It? (Erik Prince)

Germany: Does US Intelligence “Own” This Country?

Human Development Report Latin America 2013-2014

INSURGENTS: Al Qaeda (PDF 60 Pages)

INSURGENTS: Buddhist Terrorism

Phi Beta Iota: Most do not realize that India has more extemist violence and more religion on religion violence, than anywhere else in the world. Hindus on Sikhs, and vice versa, for example.


INSURGENTS: Haqqani Network Feuding Not Jihading?

INSURGENTS: Ireland’s Dissidents – Strategy and Psychology [BOOK]

INSURGENTS: Sharia law zone declared in London suburb

Internet Privacy & Security: Take Responsibility, Do NOT Trust State

MAP: Animated, Coup Attempts Worldwide, 1946-2013

NSA: Data Map on Collection Against European, Other Countries

NSA Infected 50,000 Computers with Malware

NSA Snowden: Woodward Opines

Pentagon Accounting Fraud

Pentagon Thwarts Audit

Saudi Arabia: Sectarian Conflict & Internal Terrorism

Syria: Finnish Jihadists

Syria: Islamic Front (New)

Syria: Testimony by Brian Jenkins

Think Like Leonardo

TOOLS: NeatConnect CloudScanner Paperless Office

Phi Beta Iota: Home Depot is already sending receipts electronically.  That is the next big step, not this one.

VIMEO: What Makes Us Human?

Web Intelligence: Support to Business Decisions

Web Intelligence: Support to Cyber Security

Phi Beta Iota: Both of the above mean well, but they are both retarded. Intelligence is HUMAN, not technical. Web intelligence is like third-hand sex.  Not fun and it does not produce babies.

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