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schwartzreport newA reader sent me this in response to the piece I ran yesterday on the five largest carbon polluters. It makes the point even stronger. Basically what this is telling us is that 90 corporations in the whole world are responsible for two-thirds of the climate change causing pollution. Think about that for a second: there are seven billion! humans and to maintain the profits of a few thousand individuals, the entire planet must suffer. One has to ask also, why is it I only find these stories in the non-U.S. press

Just 90 Companies Caused Two-thirds of Man-made Global Warming Emissions
SUZANNE GOLDENBERG, US environment correspondent – The Guardian (U.K.)

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This essay by Noam Chomsky hits the target, as anyone who travels outside of the U.S. knows. When you are outside of the country it is easy to see how much everything is motivated by fear, and how often fear is used by politicians, particularly Theocratic Rightist politicians, to manipulate public opinion. Fox News is built on the premise of scaring people. This is an excerpt from the just released 2nd edition of Noam Chomsky’s ‘Occupy: Class War, Rebellion and Solidarity,” published by Zuccotti Park Press. Reprinted from with permission. Noam Chomsky is amongst the world’s most cited living scholars. Voted the ‘world’s top public intellectual” in 2005, he is perhaps best known as a critic of all forms of social control and a relentless advocate for community-centered approaches to democracy and freedom. Over the last several decades, Chomsky has championed a wide range of dissident actions, organizations and social movements. In this excerpt from the just-released expanded edition of the Zuccotti Park Press book, ‘Occupy: Class War, Rebellion and Solidarity,” Chomsky speaks with Free Speech Radio News about media control, fear, indoctrination and the importance of solidarity.

Noam Chomsky: America Is a Terrified Country
CATHERINE KOMP – Salon/Truth-out

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