Event: 18-20 JUL 14 NYC Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE X)

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Emmanuel Goldstein
Emmanuel Goldstein


July 18-20, 2014

Hotel Pennsylvania

New York City

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hackers posterNOTE: The movie “Hackers” was based on HOPE co-founder and spiritual leader Emmanuel Goldstein (not his real name) and his various Pheaker (phone hacks) and Hacker (computer hacks) colleagues. There is no other event on the planet quite like this, at least in the English language. Robert Steele moves heaven and earth to be there (it takes place every two years).  In passing, you can leave HOPE a certified lock picker, fully equipped. Hackers are like astronauts, full of the right stuff, pushing the edge of the envelope in whatever domain they choose (not just software).

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We wanted to make sure you were aware of the next conference in the Hackers On Planet Earth series. It's our tenth conference and we're calling it HOPE-X.

HOPE-X will be taking place on July 18, 19, and 20, 2014 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. (And just to be clear, the hotel is no longer on the chopping block. Instead, it's going to be renovated over the next few years. That's right, we actually won, thanks to your support.)

Preregistration will begin in January.

Our website has two addresses: the super-cool HOPE X address located at http://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/ and for those who find that difficult
to remember or for whom the .xxx domain is blocked, http://x.hope.net.

**This is the only email you will receive from this mailing list unless you sign up for it or buy a ticket. Your email address will have been removed by the time you read this. In order to sign up for this announcement-only mailing list, simply enter your mailing address on the white line at the top of the above-mentioned website and follow the instructions. If you run into any difficulty, email hope-x-announce-approval@2600.com.**

We look forward to seeing you at HOPE-X – our tenth conference and our twentieth anniversary!

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