Marcus Aurelius: Divine Secrets of the RYBAT Sisterhood – Four Senior Women from CIA’s Directorate of Operations Discuss Their Careers

Government, IO Impotency
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

Declassified and approved for public release 20 October 2013

PDF (23 Pages): (U) cia-rybat-sisterhood


Depending on your viewpoint, things have changed a little or a lot. Rather than venture helplessly into.that minefield, I would like to introduce a panel of senior women who rose to the ranks of SIS in the Directorate of Operations. Their stories about what it was like then and where we are now are valuable and informative. While there is a lot of laughter in the retelling of their stories, there is also an element of righteous anger.

Phi Beta Iota: This is not that good a read.  Most of the women were NOT good recruiters, but most of the men are not either.  CIA has been getting by for decades on posturing and pretense.  We need multinational stations that include a very strong open source HUMINT section, and we particularly need to empty the “safe” spaces inside official installations and learn how to be a real clandestine service, not a glorified messenger service for lies from local liaison.  Furthermore, CIA should not be in the drone business (or the drug or the rendition businesses) — any Director that persists with such criminal nonsense has no business being Director.  Some women have done well — most have not, in part because the CIA’s old boy culture has never been able to adapt to innovative men, much less innovative women.  The entire structure of government needs a complete make-over to achieve two end-states: an ability to provide ethical evidence-based decision=support to everybody about everything (95% of it not classified at all); and an ability to plan, program, budget, and execute Whole of Government as well as multinational, multiagency, multi-tribe* campaigns..,..hybrid governance.

* Academic, Civil Society, Commerce, Government, Law Enforcement, Media, Military, Non-Government/Non-Profit

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