Owl: High-Level Pedophiles Protected by the Police States

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

This article focuses on high-level pederasts in the UK. But if judges, politicians, Cabinet ministers, corporate executives and other “respectable” people are frequently found to be child molesters, surely their counterparts in other first world countries, such as the US, Germany, France, etc., must have similar numbers representative of high-level pedos? So much rot at the top must stink very badly, but unlike garbagemen dealing with garbage cans on the street, the police – a specialized sort of garbageman – is blocked from doing their job when the trash is high-level.

“POLICE chiefs are turning a blind eye to members of the Establishment abusing children in care, a former child protection officer claimed last night. The whistleblower said he was warned by his superiors not to investigate suspected paedophiles, including a senior politician and a judge. He said the justice system was “corrupt” and “rotten to the core” and told how vulnerable boys and girls as young as nine were plied with heroin and raped by rich and powerful men. Agreeing to speak anonymously, the police insider warned: “There is a massive cover-up going on and those who are abusing children are being protected by the powers that be. “When I was investigating abuse at low levels, street prostitution, everything was fine but as soon as the evidence started taking me to a higher level, I was told to wind my neck in and not go any further.

“Among the names given to me by abuse victims were a former Cabinet minister and a judge who had been handing paedophiles soft sentences. I was warned by a senior officer to back off and it has to be because the clients of these children were very well-connected people.” Our source has more than 20 years’ experience working with abused children. During his investigations for one of the country’s biggest police forces, victims mentioned a number of prominent names.”

‘Cover-up’ over VIPs who abuse children in care

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