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schwartzreport newWe can’t say we haven’t been warned.

Is It Too Late to Prepare for Climate Change?

This is a view from inside the church establishment. Even they see what is happening with their late teen early twenties cohort, and it is not a happy story for them. As I read this, the extremism that is the hallmark of the Theocratic Right, and its obsession with “values” issues like marriage rights, LGBT rights, abortion just don’t reflect the world view of young adults, who are walking away.

LifeWay Research Finds Reasons 18- to 22-Year-Olds Drop Out of Church

Here is the latest on Fukushima and its effect on sealife. The news isn’t getting any better.

Radiation From Japan Nuclear Plant Arrives on Alaska Coast
CBC News (Canada)

This is what we look like from England. These kinds of articles are changing the way the rest of the world perceives America. We seem unable to acknowledge that the principals of governance employed over the past 30 years have been a failure, except for the one per cent, and need to be rethought from the ground up. The truth I think is that the uber-rich no longer have any national allegiance, no real interest in national wellness. They live in another trans-national world and get involved with politics just to attain benefits that increase their wealth.

The American Dream has Become a Burden for Most
GARY YOUNGE – The Guardian (U.K.)

It is clear that with enough money for disinformation and propaganda you can convince people to eat poison.

Washington State Voters Reject Labeling of GMO Foods

This is good news, and I think it might happen earlier than predicted. The question is will it be too late to remediate the world climate change is creating.

Will Gasoline Cars be Gone by 2070?
ANTONY INGRAM – The Christian Science Monitor

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