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schwartzreport newHere is the latest report on the Fukushima catastrophe that I think is credible. I take it as a given that the Japanese government, TEPCO, and certain branches of the American government are either lying or don’t actually know the truth about Fukushima, and put out information whose real purpose is not to inform but to keep people calm. The fact is there has never ! been an event like this, and no one really knows quite what the implications are.

Fukushima Is Here: ‘ALL Bluefin Tuna Caught In California Are Radioactive’
ANN WERNER – The Top Information Post

Almost every day it seems there is more and more information about the American Gulag, one of the great shames of the United States. This story is a measure of the abject failure of the Congress and the President to serve the interests of national wellness. The privatization of prisons is just the final step in a long process of creating the new American slavery. Given that the average net worth of a U.S. Congressperson from either chamber is $1,066,000 and the average net worth of an American family is $66,000 is it any wonder they seem to have no sense of national wellness, or what is really going on in the lives of average Americans?

Sentenced to a Slow Death
The Editorial Board – The New York Times

This is the latest in the Superbug trend, and it is very scary. Having experienced what contracting one of these Superbugs did to my late brother Alan, and my late wife, Hayden, I have a direct sense of what this story is about. This problem is human created, arising from the over prescription of antibiotics, dumping unused ones ! into the toilet thus polluting the ground water and, particularly, the over-use of antibiotics in industrial animal husbandry. Yet the governments of the world, led by the U.S., just can’t seem to put the welfare of the many ahead of the profits of the few. See also the current issue of the Medical journal The Lancet:

‘Superbugs Could Erase a Century of Medical Advances,’ Experts Warn
CHARLIE COOPER – The Independent (UK)

I don’t eat chicken nuggets, but I know many people do. Here’s what you’re eating. Bon Appétit. What I do object to is the fact that this, or things like it, are all that is available in some neighborhoods or rural areas.

What’s In That Chicken Nugget? Maybe You Don’t Want To Know

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