Jean Lievens: NSA Has Destroyed Cyber-Trust

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Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

Trusted Computing Must Repudiate The NSA – Forbes

Trust is fragile and the decade long effort on the part of the NSA to compromise all security models has destroyed trust. From its inception the coalition of industry giants who have backed the concept of hardware-based security, the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), have been at odds with the “information should be free” crowd. The problem these giants (Microsoft, Intel, AMD, IBM, HP) faced a decade ago was software and media piracy. As the biggest backer, Microsoft, was the most suspect. In recent weeks that suspicion of Microsoft has exploded into bald-face claims from the German BSI that the Trusted Platform Module, the hardware component of Trusted Computing is an NSA backdoor. And who knows what further releases of the Snowden files will unveil about the NSA’s involvement with the Trusted Computing Group?

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Phi Beta Iota: This web site represents the craft of intelligence (decision support) as it should be practiced. That includes a very small (10-15%) element of secret intelligence.  Out of the fifteen slices of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) for example, only four are secret — and secret for the right operational reasons, not for the financial scam reasons that NSA has come to represent.  We are overdue for restoring integrity to intelligence. Intelligence with integrity — ethical evidence-based decision support for everybody — is the foundation for creating Smart Nations and a prosperous world at peace.  Anyone that refuses to embrace that vision is intellectually or morally challenged or both.

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