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schwartzreport newThe failure of the Congress and the President to reconsider the policies that have produced the mess we are in is condemning us to a needless and very destructive slump. The new Census Bureau report has just come out and it shows that 3 million more Americans are now in poverty. How high will the number have to go before social unrest becomes a problem? The current American leadership from both parties at the Fe! deral level will, I think, be seen by history as amongst the worst in two and a half centuries, and the cause of America’s collapse.

A Permanent Slump?
PAUL KRUGMAN, Nobel Laureate – Op-Ed Columnist – The New York Times

This is an amazing story and should be getting much more attention than it has. It is a rare case of a top law enforcement official who has now experienced the American Gulag from the other side and who has come away appalled. We are destroying the lives of millions of Americans by a system that is completely out of control. I find it notable that this story appeared in a far Right web publication.

Bernard Kerik on Prison: Americans Wouldn’t Stand for What I Saw

This is one of the paths our increasingly dysfunctional and impoverished nation could go. Those of us who support the compassionate and life-affirming have got to make our voices heard, and we must vote lest racist fascism, which is already taking hold in some states, becomes the norm.

Think the Tea Party Is Crazy? Europe’s Rising Neo-Fascism Is a Taste of What’s Coming If Austerity Prevails in America

This story has gotten a lot of play, and you may already have seen it. But I could not let it pass. The Wal-Mart business model is vampire capitalism at its domestic worst. The company calculates and relies on our meager social safety network. We are all underwriting this business model. Do not shop at Wal-Mart. It is an evil corporation.

Wal-Mart Asks Employees to Donate Canned Goods to Workers Who Don’t Have Enough to Eat

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