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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Assasins for Hire – Pay with Bitcoin

China and Bitcoin

Cyber Security Tools List

Cyber Threat to Energy Sector

CryptoLocker Protection

Dark Money Groups Fueled by Cable

Deterrence? A Revaluation of Premises (Russ Wellen)

Hanford Nuclear Gets Worse

Happiness is Love.  Period. (Harvard Study, 75 Years)

Intelligence Information Sharing (Small Wars Journal)

Malware Epidemics (Recorded Future)

Malware Open Source Record (Recorded Future)

NSA a Global Threat to Free Speech?

NSA Collection Errors — Never Fixed (Ever)

One-Man Intelligence Unit (On Syria)

Pakistan’s New Generation of Terrorists (CFR)

Russia – Who Will Replace Putin?

Saudi Spring?

Syria On Way to Genocide?

TSA Ineffective

Unemployment and Terrorism (IEET)

Uranium Shortage Looming?

Weather Modification Against the Philippines (Documentary)

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