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schwartzreport newI read stories like this and wonder what is our culture thinking? Children, as everyone says, yet few in public office seem to believe, are our future. On the basis of stories like this, our future is increasingly bleak. Where do you have to be in your own mind when feeding children, and seeing they get a good start, is not important?

Early Childhood Poverty Damages Brain Development, Study Finds
ALLIE BIDWELL – US News & World Report

Yet another story illustrating why the Theocratic Right is the most dangerous toxic social movement in America today. It's hard to believe that people think this way.

GOP Finds Cure for Bad Public Schools in Pennsylvania: God!

Here is a study from the University of Maryland that holds considerable implications for each of our lives.

Imminent Peak Oil Could Burst Global Economic Bubble: Study
NAFEEZ AHMED, Executive Director of the Institute for Policy Research & Development – The Raw Story/The Guardian

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