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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

12 Cyber-Scams Popular Now

2013 Top Economic Stories in 42 Graphics

9 Google Chrome Extensions

California Solitary Cells – Torture? (BBC)

Contractors Who Worked in Conflict Zones Suffer High Rates of PTSD, Depression and Get Little Help (RAND)

Death of global web: Internet will end in 2014 – Kaspersky Lab

Dementia – Five Priorities (BBC)

EU Bank Rescue Plan – Why? (BBC)

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Hacking The Zero-Day Vulnerability Market (DarkReading)

New H7N9 bird flu resists drugs without losing ability to spread (Reuters)

Non-VIolent Climate Insurgency (Foreign Policy in Focus)

NSA Damned by Nobel Prize-Winning Authors (Huffington Post)

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Click on Image to Enlarge

Nuclear Madness – Russia Warns Over US Global Strike Program

Over-Policing America (Le Monde Diplomatique)

Russian Financial Crime – The Magnitsky List Grows (BBC)

Ukraine Crime Family Boss as President? (BBC)

Whither al Qaeda: A ‘Tri-alogue' with Brian Michael Jenkins, Seth Jones, and Andrew Liepman (RAND)

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