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Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence
Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

100 Leading Global Thinkers of 2013

+ Erica Chenoweth on Non-Violence

+ Jia Zhangke on Inequality = Violence

Bushmaster Rifles Flying Off the Shelves

CIA Bay of Pigs Documents – the last volume would “confuse” the public

Deadly conformity is killing our creativity. Let’s mess about more

People’s lives would be more fulfilling if they were given greater freedom in the workplace

Half the Workforce Hate Their Jobs. Here’s 3 Ways That Can Change.

Imagine a 10-person bicycle. This means that three people are pedaling, five are pretending to pedal, and two are jamming the brakes. That’s you, corporate America. Now scale that bike higher. 520 out of every 1000 employees don’t care. 180 are trying to sabotage the place. 300 are left doing their darnedest.

Intelligence Lobby Pays Millions to Intelligence “Oversight” Committee Members of Congress

Iraqi WMD Under Sadaam Hussein

Man Versus Machine: When It Comes to Scale, It’s Advantage Computers

Phi Beta Iota: Sigh. Kurzweil still does not get that only stupid scales. Machine scaling is superb for repetitive tasks with simple straight-forward heuristics (rules of thumb). It does not do the space between the dots, its does not do the intuitive leaps of faith, the soul of integral consciousness. Not a single great corporation — not Google, not Microsoft, not Northrup Grumman, not Lockheed — and certainly not Palantir or IBM/i2 — have yet conceptualized, much less approached, the necessary intersection of open source everything (the technical and data solution) and M4IS2 (the human solution. Information costs money, intelligence makes money — the problem we see with increasingly clarity is that intelligence makes money for the many, not the few, and this is not where the banks and large corporations want to be because they have not figured out how to take their 1% to 4% fee from the many.

Nigerian Manufacture of Terrorism

NSA chief says U.S. should consider granting Snowden AMNESTY in exchange for the 1.5M classified documents still in his possession

NSA Officials Say U.S. May Never Know Extent of Snowden’s Leaks

NSA “Owns” Encrypted Cell Phones

Tech Giants’ Offices the Cathedrals of the Future?

Will Obama Release UFO Files?

YouTube (9:25) NSA Conspiracy – Spacecraft Disclosures

YouTube (4:05) The Earth’s Next 100 Years, Visualized

VIDEO (3:21) How the Internet Works

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