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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Antibiotics in Livestock

Arctic Ice Volume Bouncing Back

Boston Globe on Tsaraev [Possible Disinformation]

Conflict Foretold: America and China

Conflict Monthly Interactive Map

Counterterrorism in Pakistan: Lethargy

Cyber-Intelligence Complex and Persecution of Journalists

Dissertations on Terrorism, Counterterrorism and Political Violence, 1980-2013

Phi Beta Iota: Remember that terrorism is not a threat and counterterrorism is not a discipline by any stretch of the imagination.

Energy Infrastructure Attack Database

Lecture: Intelligence and Cyberpower (Adrian Nicolaiev)

Magnetic Field Flip – a “Big Event” – Gregg Braden (YouTube  28:49)

Naked Future – Your Every Move Anticipated

NSA: Lies by Obama About Cell Phone Collection

NSA Snowden Stole “Keys to the Kingdom”

NSA Thomas Drake on Snowden (YouTube 5:49)

Risks of Terrorism, Homicide and Illness: a Methodological Consideration

Phi Beta Iota: No one is asking the obvious question — to what extent are all these calamities a direct effect of unethical ignorant governance and a failure to demand integrity from all forms of human organization?

School Shootings in USA NOT Reported – 1 Every Two Weeks

Syria Conflict Literature Review

Terrorism Threat Estimation — and Statistics

US Terrorism History Map

Water Stressed Countries

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