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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Beekeepers having to sue the EPA. This report gives us further evidence, if such were needed, that corporate profits, and the corruption of our government, trumps all other considerations, including the destruction of the key to successful agriculture — the bees — upon which the wellbeing of all humanity depends.

EPA Sued Over Bees

Further evidence of the growing coarseness of American culture. It amazes me how our society’s absolute commitment to placing profit above all other considerations is destroying the quality of people’s lives, and that it is happening almost without a whimper. It is Biblical — all we lack is the golden calf.

Study: America’s Culture Economy Is Doomed

The melting of polar ice is going to have massive and egregious effects on our lives. So get prepared, because nothing is going to be done to effectively remediate this process.

Study Links Arctic Melting, Extreme Weather
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