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We spent over a trillion dollars, killed tens of thousands, including thousands of our own, and destroyed a functioning country. And more than a decade later this is what we have to show for that grievous error.

Al Qaeda’s Black Flag Flies Over Iraq
COLIN FREEMAN – The Telegraph (U.K.)/Daily Beast

Phi Beta Iota: Iraq was not an error.  It was treason by Dick Cheney (VP) and George Tenet (DCI) enabled by complicity on the part of Colin Powell (SecState) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). Al Qaeda is over-sold.  What this is all really about is the complete loss of legitimacy by all governments, the corruption of all governance processes, and the emergent realization by the public that a populist uprising is necessary to restore intelligence with integrity to how we govern ourselves.

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A major breakthrough in DNA research. This trend has developments coming with metronomic regularity. The applications impact is only now coming on line. And not a moment to soon, given the incipient collapse of antibiotic pharmaceutical medicine.

Scientists Find Second, ‘Hidden' Language in Human Genetic Code
United Press International

Here is a very thoughtful essay telling a story of citizen action, and what can be achieved. We need to do more of this.

How a Populist Uprising Crushed Payday Lending

Here you can see validation of my prediction concerning the the agriculture and insurance sectors' response to climate change. The one increasingly desperate, the other increasingly disinclined to do it again with some towns and areas. And it is going to get much worse. This is going to have a big effect on population distribution.

Extreme Weather Worries Insurers, Farmers
VICTOR EPSTEIN – The Des Moines Register/USA TODAY

Phi Beta Iota: This is a hugely important demonstration of true cost economics. This is the reason that our society must strive to make decisions on the basis of ethical evidence-based decision-support. False information, and political-economic decisions made on the basis of corrupt premises, ultimately cost the public its home….they destroy the commonwealth. The US Government today is not thinking nor acting in the public interest over the long-term; its political leaders have “sold out” and are helping banks loot the Treasury and downsell what is left of a once vibrant Republic.

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