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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Here we see the rancid truth behind the climate denier movement which has put the Earth at risk. This is what the Rightists on the Supreme Court have in large measure made possible through Citizens United. A tiny group of Rightists are literally putting the planet at risk to assure their profits. It is completely insane. Click through to see the chart that helps explain this story.

Not Just the Koch Brothers: New Study Reveals Funders Behind the Climate Change Denial Effort

Can you imagine anything more clearly demonstrating the primacy in the Illness Profit System of profit over wellness? We don’t even demand that the advertising promoting drugs be honest and accurate.

A Majority of TV Drug Ads Make Misleading or False Claims, Study Finds
SUSAN PERRY – Minnpost

Our social processes are not working. In every way that we can measure we, as a country, are not well and we are getting worse because so many of us are poor, aging, out-of-work, or all three. Wellness is not a national priority, and this is the result. We have to change.

Living Sick and Dying Young in Rich America
LEAH SOTTILE – The Atlantic

I think this is very good news.

Pierre Omidyar Plunges First $50m Into Media Venture With Glenn Greenwald
ED PILKINGTON – The Guardian (U.K.)

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