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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

There are, I believe, corporations that are functionally evil. BP is one of them, as is Chevron. Here is further evidence in support of my hypothesis.

BP, Chevron Accused of Illegally Dumping Toxic Radioactive Drilling Waste Into Louisiana Water
EMILY ATKIN – Reader Supported News/Think Progress

The American Gulag is a national shame. When I was growing up we used to judge the Soviet Union as evil in part because of its gulag. Ours is bigger, more pervasive and worse. Here is the latest on this trend. And once again, of course, it is all about placing profit first above humanity. It is America’s besetting sin.

Food Behind Bars Isn’t Fit for Your Dog

Another chapter of our past opens. It is fascinating to me that virtually everything I learned at school and university about early man has subsequently been overturned, and shown to be wrong. I consider this to be a good thing, and another example of why science and facts are important.

Neanderthals Used To Speak Like Modern Humans, Study Suggests
KAMAL NAYAN – Counsel and Heal

This is a very interesting development in science but, I fear, not good news because it may slow the transition out of carbon energy which is essential if we are to deal with climate change.

Scientists Cut Million-year Natural Process to Convert Algae Into Crude Oil to About an Hour

The evidence of what climate change is going to do to the people and other beings of the Earth continues to build up. And the story just gets worse and worse. Here is the latest scientific report.

‘Whole World’ at Risk From Simultaneous Droughts, Famines, Epidemics: Scientists
NAFEEZ AHMED, PHD, Executive Director of the Institute for Policy Research & Development – The Guardian (U.K.)

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