Berto Jongman: Atrocities, Cyber, War 2.0

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

ARMY: US army looks to replace soldiers with robots

ATROCITY: EUGENICS attack on the biology of humanity

ATROCITY: UK Court Rules Against Pakistani Victim of US Drone Attack

Phi Beta Iota: When legal challenges to persistent atrocities fail, violent alternatives will emerge.

BOOK: Life at the Speed of Light – From the Double Helix to the Dawn of Digital Life

CIA: The OXCART Story (1971)

CORRUPTION: Vatican money laundering

CYBER: 750,000+ Phishing and SPAM emails Launched from “Thingbots” Including Televisions, Fridge

CYBER: Aaron Swartz Film on Struggles for Online Freedom

CYBER: Email and password theft in Germany (millions)

CYBER: How cyber criminals are using the cloud

CYBER: Militarization of the Internet (YouTube)

FOOD: Global Waste in Contrast to Overpopulation Concerns and Humanitarian Aid

HEALTH: H7N9 Human to Human Transmission – H7N9 Bird Flu in Shanghai Kills First Medical Worker, Renewing Transmission Fears

HUMAN RIGHTS: World Report 2014

MEDIA: Nate Thayer, Pol Pot, Ethics (or Not) in Journalism

NSA: Alfred McCoy: it's about blackmail (TomDispatch)

NSA: Govt retaining documents thought to detail unknown NSA programs

NSA: Most Americans now oppose the NSA program

Those surveyed now split 45%-43% on whether Snowden's disclosures have helped or harmed the public interest.

NSA: Potentialies of COMINT for Strategic Warning (1953)

NSA: We are all suspects (Robert Scheer, Truthdig)

SECURITY: Sochi Olympics terrorism threat: Two more ‘black widow' suspects identified

SYRIA: Anti-jihadist revolt (Brookings)

SYRIA: Assad accused of secretly funding Al-Qaeda in bid to strengthen jihadist rebels and weaken moderate forces

SYRIA: Assad accused of striking secret deals with al-Qa'ida over gas and oil

SYRIA: PR Stunt Greasing Skids for “Humanitarian” Invasion of Syria?

Phi Beta Iota: The neo-cons embedded across the USG have not given up — traitors allowed to flourish in a government characterized by ignorance and blind loyalty to ideologically-motivated and financially-corrupt political actors. The US has destabilized Iraq and Libya. To destabilize Syria, the last Christian state in the area, is to seriously test God's patience.

SYRIA: the bookkeeping of mass killing

SYRIA: Torture Report

Phi Beta Iota: UK cannot be trusted — this could be poodle-propaganda and a deliberate creative product seeking to undermine the Assad regime.

SYRIA: US and Saudi Arabia supporting rebels to attack ISIS

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